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Chandigarh: The city is planned by the French architect Le Corbusier, it's sophisticated and impressive architecture is striking for its urban planning, well-organized sectors and broad tree-lined avenues. Chandigarh is young-at-heart, fast-growing and dynamic. It is Union Territory of India, serves as the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab. The name Chandigarh translates as "The Fort of Chandi". The name is from an ancient temple called Chandi Mandir, devoted to the Hindu goddess Chandi, in the city. It is occasionally referred to as “The City Beautiful”. The city tops the list of Indian States and Union Territories with the highest per capita income in the country. The city was reported in 2010 to be the "cleanest" in India, based on a national government study.

Geography and climate:

Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of Himalayas in northwest India. It covers an area of approximately 44.5 sqm or 114 km²and shares its borders with the states of Haryana in the east & Punjab in the north, west and south. The exact cartographic co-ordinates of Chandigarh are 30°44′N 76°47′E / 30.74°N 76.79°E / 30.74; 76.79. It has an average elevation of 321 meters (1053 ft).
Some of the surrounding districts are Mohali, Patiala and Roopnagar in Punjab and Panchkula and Ambala in Haryana. The boundary of the state of Himachal Pradesh is also minutes away from its north border.
Chandigarh has a humid subtropical climate characterized by a seasonal rhythm: very hot summers, mild winters, unreliable rainfall and great variation in temperature (-1 °C to 41.2 °C). In winter, pieces of snow sometimes occur during December and January. The average annual rainfall is 1110.7 mm. The city also receives occasional winter rains from the west.

Average Temperature:

Spring:The climate remains quite pleasant during the spring season (from mid-February to mid-March and then from mid-September to mid-October). Temperatures vary between 16 °C to 25 °C (max) and 9 °C to 18 °C (min).

Autumn:In autumn (from Mid-March to April), the temperature may rise to a maximum of 36 °C. Temperatures usually remain between 16° to 27° in autumn. The minimum temperature is around 11 °C.
Summer: The temperature in summer (from Mid-May to Mid-June) may rise to a maximum of 45 °C (rarely). Temperatures generally remain between 35 °C to 40 °C (94 - 101F).

Monsoon: During monsoon (from mid-June to mid-September), Chandigarh receives moderate to heavy rainfall and sometimes heavy to very heavy rainfall (generally during the month of August or September). Usually, the rain bearing monsoon winds blow from south-west/ south-east. Mostly, the city receives heavy rain from south (which is mainly a persistent rain) but it generally receives most of its rain during monsoon either from North-west or North-east. Maximum amount of rain received by the city of Chandigarh during monsoon season is 195.5 mm in a single day.

Winter: Winters (November to Mid-March) are mild but it can sometimes get quite chilly in Chandigarh. Average temperatures in the winter remain at (max) 7 °C to 15 °C and (min) 0°C to 8 °C. Rain usually comes from the west during winters and it is usually a persistent rain for 2–3 days with sometimes hail-storms.

Museums/Theatre/Art Galleries:

  • City Museum, Sector-10C
  • Government Museum & Art gallery, Sector-10C
  • Museum of Evolution of Life, Sector-10C
  • Fine Art Museum, Panjab University
  • International Dolls Museum, Sector-23B
  • Tagore Theatre, Sector-18
  • National Gallery of Portraits, Sector-17C

Shopping Centre:

Sector 17, the main shopping plaza is located in the heart of the city and is home to various well known designer brands.


  • Rose Garden: Zakir Rose Garden is Asia's largest Rose garden
  • The Rock Garden
  • The Leisure Valley
  • The Terrace Garden
  • Botanical Garden

Sukhna Lake:

Nestled in the Shivalik valley, people can enjoy a boat ride as well as a fitness walk around the lake.

To know more, please visit Official Website of Chandigarh Administration:

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