Master Programme
Day 3

Digital Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Day 3: Sunday, 6 November 2022

Conference on
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
Digital Agriculture: From Data to Actions
Sunday, 6th November 2022, Hotel Shivalikview, Sector 17, Chandigarh

1030 – 1230 hrs

1030 – 1130 hrs :Inaugural Session | Digital Agriculture: From Data to Actions

Digital agriculture has the promise to transform agricultural throughput. It can do this by applying data
science and engineering for mapping input factors to crop throughput, while bounding the available
resources. In addition, as the data volumes and varieties increase with the increase in sensor deployment in
agricultural fields, data engineering techniques will also be instrumental in collection of distributed data as
well as distributed processing of the data.

Focus Points of the session:

  • First, how can policies and programmes appropriately facilitate the adoption of digital technologies by
    the agriculture and food sectors?
  • How can industry make use of digital technologies to design and deliver better agricultural results?
  • How might digital technologies change the roles of Government and Industry as well?
  • How to empower rural households & inspire youth entrepreneurship in food and agriculture?

1030 -1035 hrs

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Mr Prateek Garg
Chairman, CII Regional Committee (NR) on Digital
Transformation & AI &
Founder &MD, Progressive Infotech

1035 -1050 hrs

Special Address by the Guest of Honour

Dr Jatinder Kaur Arora
Executive Director
Punjab State Council for Science & Technology &

1050 -1055 hrs

Setting the context and remarks by the Session Moderator

Mr Taranjeet Singh Bhamra
Founder & Chief Executive Office
AgNext Technologies

1055 hrs


Mr Kunal Prasad
Co-founder & COO

Mr Ramakrishnan M
Former Vice President
Intello Labs



1120 hrs

Open House

1125 – 1130 hrs

Vote of Thanks

Mr Vinod Sood
Co-Chairman, CII Regional Committee (NR) on
Digital Transformation & AI and
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Hughes Systique Corporation

1130 – 1230 hrs: Panel Discussion I | Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence to Solve Post-Harvest Loss in India

With the fast pace of modern lifestyle, there is an increase in demand for perishable food (fruits and vegetables) in marts and retail groceries. The increasing demand leads to higher profit; meanwhile, large quantities and a wider variety of food items impose further challenges on the management of the food supply chains. All of these factors can lead to a significant amount of shortage of food items and a substantial retail loss. The recent development of tracing and tracking technologies, which facilitate effective monitoring of the inventory level and product quality continuously, can greatly improve the performance of the food supply chain and reduce spoilage waste. This session aims to develop a highly cost-effective system for food supply chain management system and connect our farmers with this technology through the internet. It will monitor the foods (crops) stored in the supply chain inventories using IoT and AI and provide status about their quality (state of deterioration) and estimate stock value/price based on it.

Discussion points:

  • How can Artificial Intelligence be used to solve post-harvest loss?
  • How can artificial intelligence change India’s future in agriculture?
  • What are the ways to control postharvest loss?
  • Climate Control and Cooling Technology
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging & Alternative Green Postharvest Treatments
  • Initial Handling & Transport
  • Postharvest Physiology

1130 hrs

Setting the context and remarks by the Session Moderator

Mr Devendra Gupta
Co-Founder & CEO
Ecozen Solutions

1135 hrs


Mr Balwant Joshi
Managing Director
Idam Infrastructure Advisory Private Limited

Dr G P Subash
Head – Business & Projects
Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd

Dr Hitesh Doshi
Chairman & Managing Director
Waaree Energies

Mr Kedar Munipella
Vice President and General Manager
Applied Materials India

Ms Kanika Chawla
Senior Programme Lead
Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

1220 hrs

Open House

1225 hrs

Concluding remarks

Mr Devendra Gupta

Kisan Goshthee – 5
Opportunities & Challenges in Cultivation & Processing of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
Sunday, 6th November 2022, Parade Ground, Chandigarh

1030 – 1230 hrs

Kisan Goshthee – 6
Fodder Preservation & Marketing – Game Changer in Dairy Sector
Sunday, 6th November 2022, Parade Ground, Chandigarh

1530 – 1730 hrs

End of Day 3