States Pavilion

Haryana @ CII Agro Tech India 2022

Haryana is a State of rich culture and agriculture prosperity. Agriculture is an important sector of the State economy and majority of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture and its allied activities. Agriculture indeed, is one of the biggest employment generators providing employment to more than 50% people in State.

Accordingly, the State has accorded high priority to Agriculture since its creation. Strong infrastructure facilities, coupled with agriculture research support and excellent extension network to disseminate the information related to improved farm practices to farmers, yielded tangible results and the State has become a food surplus State.

The state occupies a premier position in the country’s agribusiness industrial scenario with significant contribution in agriculture, horticulture, dairy, poultry, and fisheries. Haryana accounts for 60% of India’s Basmati exports, 5% of National Dairy Production. Haryana ranks 1st in Horticulture Crops, 4th in Egg Production and 8th in Meat Production in the country. Haryana is the 4th largest producer of Cotton in the country contributing 6% to national production.  The State has more than 3000 operative Food Processing Units.

Haryana at 15th CII Agro Tech India 2022

The following departments of the Government of Haryana are participating in 15th CII Agro Tech India 2022:

  • Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board
  • Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Haryana Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Ltd. (VITA)
  • Horticulture Department, Government of Haryana
  • Haryana Warehousing Corporation
  • Haryana State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd.
  • Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Fisheries Departments, Government of Haryana
  • Foreign Cooperation Department, Government of Haryana
  • Micro Irrigation and Command Area Development Authority
  • Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, Government of Haryana

Punjab @ CII Agro Tech India 2022

Punjab Agriculture is highly popular all over India. Punjab is well known for its agricultural activities and plantations. The confluence of five rivers makes Punjab’s agricultural land rich and productive. Approximately 82% of the state’s land is under cultivation, compared with the national average of 40%.

The major agricultural products in Punjab comprise of wheat, maize, rice, and bajra. Among all these, wheat paramounts the entire crop plantation. Punjab is the largest producer of wheat in India and it produces around 2 million tonnes every year. Rice is produced highly in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, and Kapurthala districts in Punjab. Punjab is also a leading exporter of rice, including the well-known Basmati variety.

The leading cash crop cultivated by the agricultural sector in Punjab is cotton. Other important crops of Punjab agriculture include sugarcane, potatoes, and groundnuts.

Total food grain production in the state stood at 29.99 million tonnes in 2019-20 (as per fourth advance estimates)

In FY22*, total exports of cotton yarn from the state stood at US$ 674.58 million, and basmati rice exports stood at US$ 318.94 million.

The following departments of the Government of Punjab are participating in 15th CII Agro Tech India 2022:
  1. Verka
  2. Department of Agriculture And Farmer’s Welfare , Punjab 
  3. Department of Food Processing, Punjab
  4. Department of Horticulture, Punjab 
  5. Markfed
  6. Punjab Agro Industries Corporation
  7. Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion (Invest Punjab), Department Of Investment Promotion 
  8. Punjab State Warehousing Corporation
  9. Punjab Mandi Board
  10. Punjab Agri Export Corporation Limited

The J&K Pavilion under States Pavilion

The Jammu and Kashmir State’s economy is predominately agriculture dependent and nearly 70% of population is directly or indirectly engaged in agricultural and allied occupations. The Department of Agriculture, Kashmir has been working to make Agriculture a Sustainable & Remunerative economic activity for farmers in the present regime of World Trade Organization (WTO) wherein open market scenario is prevalent across the world.

The Department of Agriculture has also shifted it approach from Commodity based to Product Based. In this approach, key products and markets are identified based on market demand, preferences and potential of the commodity. A robust Strategy is being adopted based on Two Guiding Principles for Making Agriculture a Remunerative and a Profitable Venture and Making Agriculture a Glamorous enterprise by turning the farmer into an Agricultural Entrepreneur.

The Government of J&K has been working with a vision to look beyond subsistence agriculture by leveraging special agro-climatic conditions of the Union Territory for securing high returns to the farmers from transformed and modern, yet sustainable and inclusive Agriculture duly supported by introduction of innovative and globally validated farm technologies, raising of the requisite state of the art infrastructure and creation of an enabling ecosystem. It further aims to secure a complete transformation in the lives and outlook of the farmers of the UT from subsistence to modern, vibrant and high return Agriculture by the end of the year 2023.